Two artists working as one since 1998.

A selection of exhibitions / performances / installations from 1999 - 2017.

VAIN FAIRY (2017) - Barcelona, Spain.

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'Vain Fairy' took place at Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. It ran from 30th November - 23rd December 2017.

An exciting collection of new work by pop art duo Adrian+Shane, exploring our obsession with social media and creating unrealistic online personas. Removing blemishes, adding filters, hiding any unpleasant reality. Presenting a perfect, plastic version of ourselves. Everyone is wearing a mask. Online you can be who you want: “Public Figure”, “Model”, “Influencer”, “Celebrity”, “Pop star”.
We are living in our devices, through our devices. Our online persona is now consuming the real us. The boundaries between real and fake are gone. If there is no one watching us are we real?

DRESS YOU UP (2017) - London, England.

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On the 2nd of March 2017, MAFA Gallery in London became the venue for a new type of art exhibition format. The ‘show’ was performed by a group of seven Chelsea College MA Fine Art students and selected guest artists including Adrian+Shane.

The evening combined an interactive live streaming experience inviting the audience to share the performances digitally, many of which are enacted remotely.

The artists aim to destabilize the current repose of the traditional white gallery space by creating a new cyber reality whilst highlight the ubiquitous preoccupation with our mobile phones and digital devices.

Adrian+Shane's performance saw the art duo ripping pages from a bible and attaching them to each others bodies, while standing in front of a projected film of the pair kissing and provocatively licking a statue of Jesus. They then proceeded to paint a large penis in black paint onto one another. Followed by the word "SIN" in bright red paint.

ZOO (2016) - Dublin, Ireland.

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ZOO was an installation / performance / exhibition.

We invited the public to join forces with us in collaborating on this art experiment using social media for inspiration. Running as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016, ‘ZOO’ ran from 19th to 22nd September, at Dublin’s city centre art space, Filmbase.

Created as an immersive live experience, offering viewers a rare chance to watch the duo at work either in person or via online streaming. ‘ZOO’ provides members of the public with a way of watching and working with Ireland’s leading pop artists, Adrian+Shane. Encouraged to bring along any belongings which the artists will in turn use as inspiration for their latest artwork ­ whether this be an old toy, items of clothing or novelty telephones, where these personal items may be used in photographic self portraits created in their own studio by the artists, which has been opened to the public for the first time.

WHEN I WALK IN YOUR SHOES (2014) - London, England.

Adrian+Shane Amy Winehouse art 01.jpg
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In 2014 we were invited by The Amy Winehouse Foundation to be part of an exhibition in honour of the late music icon. Alongside an impressive list of artists at the Westbank Gallery in Notting Hill, London. Each artist was given a pair of Converse trainers and asked to use them to create an artwork inspired by Amy Winehouse. We made this piece titled 'Amy's Heart' depicting a golden sacred heart with black hair woven through the eyelets.

We also created a triptych titled 'Pin Up' - three pop inspired paintings using spray paint and screen print on paper, depicting Amy Winehouse as a 1950's style pin up glamour model. One of these artworks was auctioned at the Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball to raise funds for the charity. Another was purchased by An Taisce Lú (Louth County Council art collection).

SENSATION BY DEPRIVATION (1999) - Drogheda, Ireland.

Adrian+Shane Sensation 1999 01a.jpg
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Adrian+Shane Sensation 1999 04a.jpg

'SENSATION by Deprivation' was our debut exhibition. It ran for a month during the summer of 1999 at the Droichead Art Centre in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.

Our first exhibition was an ambitious, humorous, pop inspired collection of work, which comprised of painting, photography, sculpture and a projection installation.