Two artists working as one since 1998.

'Sole Of The City' - A painting commissioned by Dr Martens specifically for their new Dublin store.

'Saint Sebastian of the Selfie' - limited edition prints available here.

Creating a new series of screen prints which you can order here.

ZOO Promo Video / Live art installation 19th - 22nd September 2016

Working on the hare for 'Hares On The March' in aid of The Jack & Jill Foundation.

Making a new limited edition print 'I Was A Gay Child' - available here:

Video showing us at work in the studio creating the 'YES' print to raise funds for the 'YES Equality' campaign.


Adrian+Shane working in their studio, screen printing a new limited edition print which is available to purchase from 

2 PAINTINGS [time lapse]

Adrian+Shane were commissioned to make two large paintings for the 'Graffiti/Street Art Exhibition' which opened at the EU Commission offices in Dublin on September 28th 2010.

Adrian+Shane T-shirts [time lapse]

Adrian+Shane stenciling T-shirts.

MILK - [time lapse] 

Adrian+Shane doing some live painting at Milk Festival, Ballinlough Castle on Saturday 14 August 2010


Filmed at the Astoria (G-A-Y) in London on November 19th 2005 using a Canon IXUS 50 digital camera. It was originally meant to take a photograph but the camera was on the wrong setting and recorded a (one second long) accidental film instead! We then used that second of video footage, repeating the same clip over and over 42 times. The color changes with each repetition. We used the original sound, you don't hear any music, just a loud violent noise.