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Queer Street Art Exhibition Hits L.A.

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Work by Adrian+Shane features in 'A History Of Queer Street Art' exhibition, which opens at the Physical Goods Gallery, Los Angeles with an opening reception on February 9th from 7-11pm.

The exhibition runs until February 29th.

A History Of Queer Street Art


A HISTORY OF QUEER STREET ART opens for a limited engagement in Los Angeles with an opening reception on February 9th from 7-11pm.

Physical Goods Gallery
1621 1/2 Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

A History of Queer Street Art opens for its month long engagement at Physical Goods Gallery in the heart of Hollywood, CA on February 9th and will run through February 29th 2012. Originally curated and exhibited in San Francisco by SF based street artist Jeremy Novy, the exhibit is re-imagined and brought to Los Angeles by LA’s own Homo Riot.

A History of Queer Street Art, first presented in 2011 at the SOMArts Center in San Francisco, documents the work of queer and pro-queer street artists from around the world. Spanning more than two decades of work, the collection includes pieces by notable queer street artists as well as showcasing present day street activists.

At the heart of the History of Queer Street Art is a timeline of works collected by Novy which incorporates prints, stencils, stickers, photos, street pasters and even the gallery’s walls -- creating a “street art experience” from a queer perspective. The Los Angeles version of the exhibition, produced by Homo Riot, will also feature new works by well-known European street artists like Paul Le Chien, Adrian+Shane, as well as American mainstays like Prvtdncr and Jilly Ballistic, and many other young and emerging queer street artists. Homo Riot has curated video presentations as well as art installations throughout the Hollywood gallery to further enhance the experience.

“It was important for me to bring this show to Los Angeles. Not only is LA one of the most influential cities in the world when it comes to street art but historically, the city has been the site of many central movements in the struggle for LGBTQ equality. I hope this show will be seen as an important milestone in the queer artistic history of LA."...Homo Riot

“It’s important to celebrate our history and to know the outstanding LGBT artists past and present who are bold enough to express themselves in public. I hope this show inspires future artists to create art for the world to see,” Brian Meiler of Physical Goods Gallery.

'EDGING' - Opening Night in Barcelona

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We finally got around to sorting through the photos from the opening night of our 'EDGING' exhibition in Barcelona.

Click HERE to see them all now.

'EDGING' - Opening Night in Barcelona

The exhibition finishes on August 28th. There are still some pieces available which can be purchased from the Galería Artevistas website: HERE

EDGING: Barcelona

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An exhibition of brand new work by Adrian+Shane opens at Galería Artevistas, Barcelona on August 5th.
The exhibition runs for the entire month of August and is officially part of the Barcelona Circuit Festival 2011.

Adrian+Shane - EDGING
Adrian+Shane - Kiss

Adrian+Shane - "EDGING"

August 5th - 28th.

Galería Artevistas,
Passatge del Crèdit nº4,
08002 Barcelona,

Open Mon 2pm-9pm; Tue-Sun 11am-9pm

Underground: Liceu

A History Of Queer Street Art - Exhibition

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Adrian+Shane artwork features in "A History of Queer Street Art" exhibition opening at SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco on Saturday, June 4th 2011.

Other artists exhibiting in this show include: FAILE, Space Invader, Shepard Fairy, ActUp, Eddie Colla, Jilly Ballistic, and Homo Riot.


13:00 - 16:00

SomArts Cultural Center,
934 Brannan Street,
San Francisco, California.

VIDEO: 2 Paintings - [time lapse]

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Adrian+Shane were invited to make two large paintings for the 'Graffiti/Street Art Exhibition' which opened at the EU Commission offices in Dublin on September 28th 2010. This is the time lapse video of them making the paintings on a very cold Saturday in mid September.

Today’s Obsession: Adrian + Shane

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Print magazine just published this great article about Adrian+Shane:

Adrian + Shane in Print Magazine

"I am completely bananas over Adrian + Shane’s art right now. I ran across them last year, maybe middle of the summer, and since then they’ve put out a flood of angry, funny work. They’re a couple of artists working as one entity since 1998—a phenomenal achievement in and of itself. Working with another artist for any amount of time is a complete bitch; doing it for over a decade shows an understanding and devotion many people simply can’t pull forth.

Their work strikes me as sort of a more modern look at the ideas we got from Gilbert and George, Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, Tibor Kalman. The sense of propaganda is there, so’s the pop repetition and instant art, but there’s more punk to it. More spray paint, more Xerox, a little more like the work that came out of Act Up! In the late eighties and early nineties.

There’s a sense of belonging to the present, a deep connection to pop objects like Barbie, Madonna, and their own image. The thing I think is notable about their work that I didn’t see in older pop art is the ability to immediately perceive of these icons as a part of their own personal vocabulary. There’s never a sense of exploring something they’ve never seen before—more like upending a crate of Barbies and having a bitchy little fight with all their toys. It’s pretty magnificent stuff.

Image from their blog, and their Flickr stream".